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LPG Performance

With modern autogas systems technology you’ll find it difficult to know if you are on autogas or petrol!

Dodge Ram SRT-10s with LPG conversions, Northern Ireland
In the past, old lpg systems were known for providing under-par vehicle performance.  But with sequential multipoint injection based systems you’ll find driving with autogas has very little effect on the performance of a vehicle.

When performing a conversion we also produce a custom fuel map specific to your car providing optimal performance and economy from the system.  It is very hard to find distinguishable difference when running on autogas or petrol and numerous customers have been confused between the difference in our demo vehicles!

If you ever need optimal petrol performance in a dual fuel vehicle you can always switch fuel supply instantly at the push of a button.

We will soon have a number of videos on the site to demonstrate this technology, check back late in August to view.

Lpg Test Drives

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