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Clean & Green

LPG converted vehicles emit significantly
fewer harmful emissions than their petrol
and diesel counterparts.


As a low carbon content fuel LPG can help you reduce your carbon footprint, an LPG fueled vehicle produces 17% less CO2 compared with its petrol equivalent.


50% less CO, 40% fewer hydrocarbons, 50% less ozone forming potential.

Particulates, especially from diesel engines contribute to health conditions, especially in urban areas. LPG fueled vehicles produce 120 times less small particle emissions than diesel.

Oxides of Nitrogen or NOx emissions are a major element of low-level ozone, which can create smog and cause problems for those with respiratory health issues – 48% of all NOx emissions come from road traffic. LPG converted vehicles offer a 90% reduction in NOx emissions compared to diesel and 40% less NOx emissions than petrol.


LPG converted engines are 50% quieter than diesel engines, and slightly quieter than petrol engines.